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Formal Santa. 8 things to placate material needs.

I’m in a materialistic mood. I subconsciously want ‘things’ this time of year. Instead of absolutely destroying my credit card on these items, I will post on the interwebs – false shopping experience emulation attempt.  Fake digital therapy. I will stay the budgetary course and not wander.

Big ticket looks for the holidays.  

Maison Martin Margiela 10 Men’s Slim Fit Dinner Suit

C$1952.00 US$1903.00 £1220.00 €1391.00

The thin, silk-trimmed lapel and silk-covered buttons make this suit incredibly premium and refined. Trousers shipped unfinished for tailoring.

Jil Sander Men’s Sala Shirt

C$432.82 US$421.97 £270.00 €307.80

Subtle detailing. Absolute quality.

Paraboot ‘Coraux’ Shoe

C$214.38 US$209.00 £133.85 €158.39

A bit ‘underpriced’ for this list. I can’t resist the simplicity and cleanliness of this loafer. Such an amazing shade of dark Navy. These will go nice with the soft grey of the bowtie…

Gitman Brothers Vintage Brush Cotton Bow Tie In Light Grey

C$71.81 US$70.00 £44.83 €53.05

I fell in love with Gitman Vintage Portuguese plaid earlier this year and can’t help but get suckered by their bowtie offerings. Brush cotton. Wannabe Physics teacher.

Skinny Belt Black Tanner Goods

C$82.08 US$80.00 £51.22 €60.60

You just cannot f$#k with this Portland, OR leather goods company. No problems here.

Jackson Long Wallet

C$200.42 US$195.38 £125.12 €148.00

If you’re balling out hard and rocking a nice suit - you’ll need some real estate to hold the stacks of cash, the black credit cards, and passport for when its necessary to hit the airport for South America (or wherever there is no extradition).

3xThreex3 Color Pack by MS&Co.

C$51.29 US$50.00 £32.02 €37.88

Exposing a bit of ankle in Canada in December may be risky. Depends on how you tailor the trousers. Might not be an issue if material is resting on the top of your Paraboots.

Makr Bottle Key Antique Brass

C$11.29 US$11.00 £7.05 €8.34

Why carry your keys and a bottle opener? Carry one. Slimmer profile in your jacket pocket. “No more borrowing lighters.”

Total Formal Santa damage:

C$3016.09 US$2940.35 £1884.09 €2165.06

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Footer shout outs to 2 of my favourite Toronto retailers:

Uncle Otis


Appassimento or rasinate. The process of drying grapes for Amarone has started in the Italian DOGC region of Veneto. One of my all-time favourite wines - a true powerhouse.

James Hogg from MTT begins his discussion Navigating the Music Business - Mapping Out A Living with the introduction of a PRS poster that was given to me as a handout at City University in London during a seminar on the structure of the UK music industry in 2002. Complex relationships between songwriters, artists, record labels, and publishers have not gotten any simpler since - the .pdf from PRS is an excellent resource (for any region) that will help anyone visualize the spider web of interaction between all working parts.

For anyone interested in how to “make it” in the industry, I would encourage you to scroll to the bottom of the article and read James Hogg’s fourth point first - “It all comes down to the music”. Work hard on your craft and the first 2 points will fall into place (conducting yourself professionally is a given in my books). It is extremely difficult to be successful when lipstick is applied to a pig, right?

MTT is a great site managed by Hypebot. Want to stay on top of music industry developments? I highly recommend both as daily/weekly reads.

Domesticated Fowl

Scratchy oesophageal area and mild dysphagia. Symptoms of eating chicken? There was always an interesting association between my consumption of the protein and the tokens of allergic reaction that I used to experience when I was much younger. I continued for many years to have questions about this. I am allergic to eggs; not an anaphylactic mortal adversary, but an inconvenient forceful expulsion/variety of other non-life threatening post-consumption conditions. I used to be excited by the medical prospect that eating chicken meat, and the irritating after effect, was somehow connected to my body’s inability to process egg albumins. 

I don’t experience this strange chicken reaction anymore. In fact, I love chicken. I love to eat the bird.


A romantic notion of the Prague Castle amplified my interest in the sounds emanating from a section of the descending steps. I had no idea what the instrument was until I returned to Toronto and actually did a touch of research. Surprising that I didn’t figure it out earlier, or actually ask the Praguer playing the mythical mobile air-powered piano himself at that very moment. Digress & behold… It was a melodica?  Makes sense. My original interest makes sense. My subconscious makes sense. I think anyone who is a fan of reggae music is an instant fan of the melodica; whether they know it or not (irrespective of note/chord/timing differentiation). Sounds are raw and unmistakable to the inner recesses of the mind.

In honour of the potent power of music and my first ever blog post I have donated $25 to MusicBox Children’s Charity in Toronto. They are a local community organization that helps promote interest in the musical arts to children and youth with disadvantages.

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