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James Hogg from MTT begins his discussion Navigating the Music Business - Mapping Out A Living with the introduction of a PRS poster that was given to me as a handout at City University in London during a seminar on the structure of the UK music industry in 2002. Complex relationships between songwriters, artists, record labels, and publishers have not gotten any simpler since - the .pdf from PRS is an excellent resource (for any region) that will help anyone visualize the spider web of interaction between all working parts.

For anyone interested in how to “make it” in the industry, I would encourage you to scroll to the bottom of the article and read James Hogg’s fourth point first - “It all comes down to the music”. Work hard on your craft and the first 2 points will fall into place (conducting yourself professionally is a given in my books). It is extremely difficult to be successful when lipstick is applied to a pig, right?

MTT is a great site managed by Hypebot. Want to stay on top of music industry developments? I highly recommend both as daily/weekly reads.


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